Medium companies

Private cloud system on your own infrastructure

Your independent cloud system

 Drumee Enterprise deliver to compagnies a real cloud system  “all in one” et confidential. 


  Each people of the company  get his own  Drumee Desk. Number of  “Desk“ is unlimited.


  “Desktops“ are connected in private cloud all together and allow to work internally and externally.


  All “Desktops and data are under control of the company 

  Mass applications and huge public data centers do not meet the efficiency and strict confidentiality goals of companies. 

  Using private cloud Drumee, take back control of your data, files, conversations, messages, etc. and exercise your own sovereignty with an “all in one” cloud system that you master.

keep control on your hosting

  You are free to host your Drumee Enterprise system and your data on your own infrastructure. 

  This “on premise“ solution allows compagnies to have full control on their activity, files exchanges, data, conversation, etc. 

Multi-user management console for entreprises

Administration console

It allows you to create a workstation for each employee and to manage them in an autonomous and intuitive way

Creation / management of workstations 

Management of rights 

Intervention on workstations

Security access adapted to each situation by your admin


Access to enterprise Drumee system by employees is done via unique enterprise URL adress.

Compliance to last security standards

In addition to specific security innovations from Drumee, we also applies new security standards. An ANSII certification is in progress.

End to end encryption AES 256

Last standard  HTTPS

New innovative architecture to combine security, flexibility and performance.

Free up compagnies from Public huge data centers & Big Tech apps