“Autonomous Collaborative System“ for you

The confidentiality of your data is important

Your company requires data confidentiality  and does not trust the big players in the market such as huge public data centers or Big Tech applications.



Exchanges within your company and especially telecommuting – chat, conversations, video, document transfers, etc. – go through third party servers and this situation can no longer last.

DrumeeOS  is install on your NAS. With this solution you can restore a full control on your data and activity.




All your data are now stored in your private “mini data center“ in house. You manage everything.




Due to the fact that collaborative tools (chat, visio, team work, etc.) developed by Drumee are installed on your “mini data center” no third party can access.

A secure URL specific to your company provides independent and personalized access on your “mini data center“.



All your collaborators can connect only from this private company address.

Mouse arrow pointing the url in the web browser address bar.

Gain immediate productivity with easiest “all in one“ interface

You want to easily manage all your exchanges with your customers and suppliers with a single, easy-to-use and independent collaborative system only managed by you

Sharing documents  within your teams, customers, prospects, etc. is tedious and time-consuming and you find list drives have a tedious interface.



Facilitate the activity in telecommuting and face-to-face of your employees and customers by allowing them to centralize in a platform “all in one” the multiple exchanges related to your business.

“Autonomous Collaborative System“ for independent and SMEs

Independent, consultant

Small accounting firms, lawyers, architects, notaries, etc.

Small companies