No bullshit but deliver real guarantee

True confidentiality: a three-level value chain

1/ Strict legal commitments

Drumee offers some of the most protective legal commitments of confidentiality on the market. These commitments are clear, synthetic and transparent.


See Drumee confidentiality statements

2/ A technical independence

Drumee has developed its own innovative technology. Based on Linux, Drumee is totally independent from the big market players who wish to control the internet and is not subject to the “cloud act”.

3/ A sovereign hosting

For your data – including those from telecommuting – to be protected, three parameters must be applied at Drumee :


be hosted on European soil

and within European companies

and in independent servers not shared servers. 

Drumee's main privacy principles

   Your personal data

Your personal data is totally confidential and is never transmitted or sold to third parties for any reason whatsoever.


   Your contents and files

You are the exclusive owner of all your files. We never access them and they are never communicated to third parties, even in an anonymized way.


   Monitoting and cookies

You are not monitored (activity, conversations, locations etc.). Drumee does not use any analysis or tracking cookies.

   Freedom of deletion and departure 

When you delete data, it is deleted without keeping copies without your knowledge. You are free to leave Drumee whenever you want.