Drumee Privacy Statements

Drumee wants to restore true privacy and confidentiality in the cloud.

Those statements are one of the strictest and most protective on the market.

Confidentiality of your personnal data (mail, phone etc.)

Drumee only asks for the data strictly necessary for each of its services without seeking any other personal information.

Drumee never communicates these data to third parties and does not trade them for advertising, “big data” or other purposes.

Confidentiality of all your contents (files, conversations, etc.)

They are your exclusive property. Drumee does not claim any right of ownership even partial.

Drumee never accesses them, never communicates them to third parties and does not trade or analyze them for advertising, “big data” or other purposes.

No monitoring or cookies

Drumee never monitors you – specific geographical locations, habits, content, contacts, etc. Only connection tracking can be set up at your request to warn you of possible malicious access attempts.

Drumee applies the policy of zero marketing, advertising, tracking or analysis cookies. Only a few strictly technical cookies are necessary.

Sovereign hosting

Your data are exclusively stored in your independent NAS or dedicated servers and not shared.

      Freedom to leave

You can leave Drumee with all your data whenever you want. There is no unfair process to hinder this process.