Technology innovation

At the heart of our strategy

Drumee OS, the first "web operating system"

  Drume aims to be to the cloud what  Windows/macOS are to the computer: a virtual web operating system . 



  Resulting from  5 years of R&D, this system is composed of three major innovations including a new rendering engine (called LETC) with extensible language.



 This operating system integrates natively the main collaborative tools.

The first Independent collaborative system which doesn't use cloud

  The excessive cloud centralization generates multiple problems in terms of economic monopoly, confidentiality and ecology.



  Drumee makes possible to exchange, communicate, work  without going throw centralization of data centers and without send data in cloud.

Ecosystem with unlimited development capabilities

  Drumee is a modular new web technology with  new framework. Developers can develop any kind of software without limits and much faster.

  Code will be open to community in order to allow many developments  which will be available in marketplace.