New tools to enhance user experience

Simplify your exchanges with "sharebox" accessible through mail

What is a “Share Box“ ?

It is a virtual two way transfer box created from your Drumee Your recipient does not need to register to Drumee as the “Share Box” is accessible through his email. You can exchange all the files you want with each other and file them.

Manage all “shareboxes“ in the same space :


Import into your platform from your computer the files, photos, folders you want to share.


Create and manage from your platform as many individual or grouped transfers as you want and in real time.


Receive from your contacts directly in your Drumee Desk  the files they send to you.

Discover "Teamroom" : dataroom with all communication tools inside

“Team Rooms” document space

Created in one click, the space allows the sharing of documents in team; authentication of the members; classification of the files

“Team Rooms” managment

Choice/deletion of room members, management of their rights, appointment of admin

Tools integrated to the “Team Rooms”

Messaging, “virtual videoconference” room reserved exclusively for members