Why “Drumee”

Decentralized & privacy respect collaborative system

Cloud confidentiality is a major issue for private and professional. Two specific topic are strategic:


Data centers

Huge public data centers create a centralized cloud and are out of control in term of data privacy.


Cloud tools

Big Tech cloud applications host customer’s data and communications on their own systems without any control.


Drumee OS has been created to solved those two issues. A new Autonomous Collaborative System will start due to “peer to peer” capabilities offered by Drumee operating system. Main collaborative tools are native and directly under control of users.

Simplify collaborative UX with new interface generation

Faced cloud growing,  a greater simple and efficient interfaces is requested. The current old concept of static drives must give way to the innovative concept of dynamic interface such as a “cloud computer”.


At the same time, the multiplicity of apps creates major discomfort with a lack of homogeneity / integration and scattered files. Faced with this, Drumee has developed an “all in one” platform. The main collaborative tools have been redesigned, recreated and integrated with each other.

Reduce cloud energy consumption

The web will soon be the first energy consumer in the world and it is urgent to REDUCE GLOBAL CLOUD ENERGY CONSUMPTION. Drumee succeed to develop two innovations in this strategy :


Datacenter number reduction

Due to Drumee Autonomous Collaborative System, number of data centers could be strongly reduced.


Servers work reduction

Drumee technology request less servers work for a same task.