Drumee Desk

The power of “all in one “ concept

The central desk interface

Manage your documents

Creating folders, filing files, managing rights, searches, archiving

Manage your  exchanges

Management of all shares and transfers, both internal to the company and external to customers

Dynamic interface 

As on a computer, everything is in mobile windows, drag & drop, mobile icons, full mozaic mode, etc.

The "share boxes", sharing documents with external clients

Share boxes

Allow direct share files with external clients using their email (no need registration for them)

Manage Share Boxes

Subfolders and internal filing, rights management, notifications


Share boxes technically isolated in containers, preventing direct link to the central desk

Collaborative "Team Rooms" for internal teams

“Team Rooms” document space

Created in one click, the space allows the sharing of documents in team; authentication of the members; classification of the files

“Team Rooms” managment

Choice/deletion of room members, management of their rights, appointment of admin

Tools integrated to the “Team Rooms”

Messaging, “virtual videoconference” room reserved exclusively for members

Messaging, calls, video conferencing integrated in Desk pro

Internal communication tools

Company messaging, sending of documents, company calls / video

External communication tools

Calls / video calls with integrated messaging; sending by email or link; mixed guest lists

Contacts managment

Central tool for managing company and customer contacts; invitation tool for external contacts

Utilisez Drumee Desk gratuitement sans surprises

   Free up to 5 Gb et 2O min call/video

  Request just an Email. No additional data. No credit card print.

   Feel free to leave if you want. No unfair process to keep your data or try to keep you in Drumee. 

   Drumee fulfil security standards

Compliant with the latest HTTPS standards

End to end encryption

AES 256

Access via dual


Computer / cell phone application

Drumee Desk works online via browser and therefore without the need to download. To be faster and have additional features, it is necessary to download on your computer the Desktop application

Desktop application (sept 2022)

   Off line mode : you can work on your documents, file them etc. without being connected

   Synchronization : you can choose automatic or manual anti-ransomware synchronization

   Speed : the application allows you to go even faster because it reduces the round trip of data from the server

Mobile application (sept 2022)

   Functional adaptations : the main features are available: file viewing, chat, contacts

   Synchronization : mobile is always synchronized with servers 

   Phone memory  : the visualized documents are only on the server and are not on the phone memory to avoid overloading it