Simplify collaborativity

The first collaborative interface like “virtual computer“

  Cloud interfaces such as “drives” are still in tedious static lists.


  To create much better user experience, Drumee interface has been standardised with computer interface : mobile windows, drag and drop, etc. 




  This is not a “Mac” but the online platform Drumee


  Thanks to an “agile” interface, the use of Drumee OS becomes much easier with significant comfort and time savings.

Murge main coloborative tools in an “all in one“ interface

Innovative transfer & sharing system

Create confidential exchange boxes with your clients in one click. Work in team with “Team room“

Centralized document management

Manage all your documents in a unified way locally + in the cloud: filing, searches, modifications, notifications

Integrated communications

Communicate internally and externally: Messaging, audio calls, video “meeting rooms”, contact management

  Drumee gathers and merges in a single tool “all in one” the main cloud features used every day. Everything is integrated into a “virtual cloud operating system”.

  This common core of tools will be completed with new additional features: document editor, site creator, project planning etc.