Large accounts

Restore confidentiality on all team work

Your data confidentiality is critical

Leaving thousands of exchanges – files, conversations, video conferences, messages, telecommuting data, etc. – in Cloud applications servers and public data centers is a major issue.


You want to be independent from the big foreign players and own your own system to control and facilitate your internal and external collaborative exchanges.


Drumee OS enables your group to control all your  exchanges and be fully independent without using cloud. 

Drumee is available in global license “on premise”.



With your IT teams you can integrate Drumee OS on your own infrastructure. You will have your own cloud communication and team work tools with a full control of all data, conversations, files transfer, etc.



With your IT teams you can integrate Drumee technology and develop independently any type of specialized application.

Reduce server energy consumption by 50%.

Beyond simple marketing, the energy issue of the cloud is a priority for our companies.


It is also an important aspect for your CSR policy and the reputation of your company.


Due to its technology, Drumee OS divided by three servers work.

To be ecological is not to consume with green energy (which is not infinitely renewable), it is, for the same activity, to succeed in consuming less energy.


 With Drumee your group enters a virtuous circle of reducing energy consumption of its IT.