Drumee Transfer

Punctual and confidential sending of large files

Innovative design and new features

Drumee Transfer is a free service, without registration to send punctually large files in a really confidential way and with an innovative ergonomy based on a new technology

  Display files with thumbnails

  Send by email or link

  Multiple recipients

  Send large files : 1 Gb per sending

  Security settings: password, time limit

  Protection by mail verification

  Sending confirmation 

  Download acknowledgment

  Command to delete entire transfer

Finally a real confidentiality for your transfers

Drumee offers the most protective legal commitments on the market:

  No right of access to documents

  No right of use

  No right of co-ownership

  No right of communication to third parties, neither for the files nor for the emails used

  Once the transfer is finished, total deletion of the files and email addresses

 No analysis or advertising cookies

  In the usual platforms, once your files are sent you can’t do anything. They are in the wild without control…


  With Drumee, delete your transfers at any time and make everything disappear from the cloud.

Truly sovereign hosting

True sovereign hosting requires three criteria rarely offered by free transfer services:

  Servers on European soil

  And in European companies

  And in independent non-shared servers