Drumee Pro

Solution for freelancers

Save a lot of time in your organization

You want to easily manage all your exchanges with your customers and suppliers with a single, easy-to-use cloud tool.


 You find list drives have a tedious interface and would like to have a dynamic like on a computer.

The Drumee Pro document now allows you to gather all your exchanges in one tool. You can store, classify, share, transfer, communicate in a single tool “all in one”.



And you have a new generation cloud interface where everything is in mobile windows, “drag & drop”.

Restore privacy to your business

Even if your activity does not present major risks per se, you are sensitive to ethics, privacy and sovereignty.


You don’t want your activity to be monitored and your data used without your knowledge for big data or other purposes.

Opt for a system independent of GAFAM with transparent confidentiality commitments and independent technology.


 Become an actor for an ethical cloud, respectful of people and companies.

Drumee Pro is adapted to all activities of freelancers


Free lance


Auto entrepreneur

Independent small entreprise

Freelance journalist